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SWS provides local installation of ductless portable fume hoods.  In addition, we provide onsite assistance to those clients requiring custom or specialized hoods.  In total we have placed approximately 400 hoods in the western USA over the last 25 years.

Ductless Portable Fume Hoods

Filter Replacements

Filtco brand filters are manufactured in the United States (Made in USA) and ship directly from the Air Science USA plant based in Fort Myers, Florida. Thus, we are able to offer substantial savings for the same high quality filter. This is simply because Air Science USA and Southwest Scientific do not incur costly freight and import duty charges that would otherwise be passed along to you, the customer.

Air Science USA carefully evaluates the quality of its coconut shell activated carbon in strict compliance with the ASTM 15.1 standard. Certificates of conformance are available for every filter. In addition, a chemical guide is provided with each filter according to CAN CSA Z316.5-94 and ANFOR NFX 15-211 for precise conditions of use. All filters are manufactured under an ISO 9001 quality system and each filter case is constructed using thermally formed polypropylene, utilizing no metal, which could otherwise react with your chemicals. The interior of the case uses a unique chamber design in combination with pressure packed carbon and then is heat sealed, as opposed to spraying or bonding, in order to prevent channeling and breakthrough.


How We Can Help

Here are some real-world examples of the tangible benefits we have provided our customers:

A major OTC Pharma Manufacturer needed to reduce costly re-testing due to operator and instrumental error. Learn how we helped.

A major oil refinery needed to change their existing asphalt plant into a ultra clean diesel unit. Learn how we helped.

Medical microbiologists, doctors, and patients world wide need a better method of leukemia early stage detection. One of the emerging technologies is antibody/magnetic bead binding of very low concentrations of leukemia cells by affinity biochemistry. Learn how we helped.

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