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The 21st century world is facing a variety of environmental challenge areas both now and in the future. In order to create modern day fuels and lubricants, prevent harmful pollution, and insure regulatory compliance, high precision elemental analysis technology is absolutely essential. SWS is proud to represent manufacturers whose instruments offer client labs a high degree of sensitivity, precision, and accuracy. Present EPA and other agency regulations concerning specifically sulfur content, are approaching historical low levels, thanks to processing technology improvements. SWS will guarantee your application prior to shipment of the instrument.

Scion Instruments

SWS and Scion

Scion Instruments and Southwest Scientific have the experience and know-how to provide pre-configured gas chromatographs that are ready at power up to handle your key applications.

Our long experience in designing, configuring and manufacturing complete systems, with all their analytical benefits, ensures you get the solution that’s right for you. With a host of standard solutions configured to meet the performance specifications outlined in international methods, and the capability to produce unique, tailor-made solutions, we have the answer that you seek.

Scion Instruments Analyzers include:

  • all hardware
  • software (incl. special ”plug-ins” where appropriate).
  • pre-installed methods
  • test chromatograms
  • installation/validation data
  • trouble shooting guide
  • user documentation

... all customized for the specific method.

Scion Instruments products


VUV Analytics


SWS provides an initial educational experience for the client, since the VUV detector is the first of its kind low-UV absorbance detector for GC.  The detector provides value to laboratories through:

  • Orthogonality:  The detector provides comprehensive 3D spectral fingerprints from 120 to 240 nm.
  • Selectivity: Capable of seeing clear spectral differences between isomers
  • Sensitivity:  The VGA-100 is sensitive to the low picogram range for most compounds
  • Linearity:  Between 4 and 7 orders of linearity
  • Simplicity:  With no vacuum pumps and only a light source to maintain the VGA-100 provides the lowest cost of ownership for its capabilities
VUV Analytics products

How We Can Help

Here are some real-world examples of the tangible benefits we have provided our customers:

A major OTC Pharma Manufacturer needed to reduce costly re-testing due to operator and instrumental error. Learn how we helped.

A major oil refinery needed to change their existing asphalt plant into a ultra clean diesel unit. Learn how we helped.

Medical microbiologists, doctors, and patients world wide need a better method of leukemia early stage detection. One of the emerging technologies is antibody/magnetic bead binding of very low concentrations of leukemia cells by affinity biochemistry. Learn how we helped.

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